Brilliant Serial Killer Jack the Ripper Essay

It is widely debated over whether the infamous Jack the Ripper is none other than Herman Webster Mudgett, the deranged, murderous, and somewhat brilliant serial killer who went by the alias of Dr. H. H. Holmes. The Ripper was able to evade captivity in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888, killing five victims from August 1888 to November of 1888. Whitechapel was a low income area of London where unemployment and poverty were extremely high. Women were prostituting themselves out, therefore putting themselves at a higher risk of being murdered because they were voluntarily going into dark areas of the city. The Ripper stalked and killed five victims, all of whom were prostitutes. Holmes killed a much larger variety of people. His victims were people who stayed at his murder castle in Chicago from the late 1880’s to 1894 killing as many as 200 to 230 victims (27 confessed). There are many facts that will support that Holmes was Jack the Ripper.The Ripper was very gruesome, killing prostitutes by slitting their throats then taking various organs out of their bodies. It seemed as if he had no fear of being caught, killing in the open at first, later killing in more secretive areas. The most likely reason for changing his location of killings is that he realized that with the promise of money to these prostitutes, they would willingly go indoors with him, giving him more time to do his surgical procedures. It has been thought by officials who examined the bodies of the Rippers victims that he was a surgeon, or had some sort of background in the medical field. This was a general consensus about the Ripper because of how well he carved his victims, taking out their organs in a very surgical manner.Holmes and Jack have so …

…ndisputable that Holmes was the notorious killer Jack the Ripper. He was a criminal mastermind that would have been able to continue murdering for many years had it not been for one mistake. The ironic part is that he was caught for fraud and not suspected of murder until further investigation. The question “who was Jack the Ripper?” will most likely never be answered. There are still many theories as to who it was and why they did it. Yet there are none that have been proven as much as in the case of H. H. Holmes. Jack the Ripper is the greatest mystery of all time, and will always be the greatest mystery in history.

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