Blaming the Police for Failing to Catch Jack the Ripper

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Blaming the Police for Failing to Catch Jack the Ripper

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In 1880s the police force were very much in its infancy, such thingsas forensics, DNA, finger printing were not available at that time.The only tools available to the police were very primitive; in fact,the only tools were post mortems, door-to-door enquiries, photography(which was extremely basic) and having witnesses. The police was onlyreally set up for crime prevention. Other problems faced was the factthat the police were seen as favouring the middle class, Because ofthe bloody Sunday riots where the police got too violent with a crowdof protesters protesting against the unemployment. This would havemade it extremely difficult at policing White Chapel

There were many points in the ripper investigation where it has beensuggested that the police were to be blamed for the failure incapturing jack the ripper. Such points were the abuse of evidence andthe failure to cooperate between the city police and the metropolitanpolice. An example of this was on the night of the “night doublemurders” Eddoes apron was found by a constable by a graphitised doorreading “the Juwes are the men are The men That Will not be blamed fornothing”. This message could have been written by the ripper himself,city police wanted to photograph this but Warren (from themetropolitan police) felt that waiting until there was enough light tobe photographed might have caused anti-Semitic riots against thoseJews living in the area whom English residence already suspected. Itis believed that on the whole most of the two police force worked welltogether, but there is still evidence that more senior officers didnot. Did the failure of the two police forces result in the killerwalking free? Most sources do not fault either force of failing tosolve the ripper murders; even by today’s standards this case wouldhave been extremely challenging.

Another point that the police were to blame for the failure to capturejack the ripper was that they wasted a lot of time in following up


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