Blake and Wordsworth’s Descriptions of the City in London and Westminster Bridge

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Blake and Wordsworth’s Descriptions of the City in London and Westminster BridgeThe poets Blake and Wordsworth have wrote two opposing poems, whichexpress different opinions of industrial places. I will be comparingthe language and attitude expressed by both poets. Blake seems toexpress extreme dislike towards London, whilst Wordsworth expresseslike, and peace in his view towards Westminster Bridge.

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In the first two lines Blake expresses clear dislike in the way theThames has been treated. In the first line he gives the word charter’dmeaning by saying that the streets are “each charter’d street”, thisgives the meaning of “mapped”. He calls the Thames mapped because ofthe way it has been modified to flow in a direction to man’s liking,he is also saying that the Thames is now as unnatural as the city,Blake dislikes this as we know he is a natural loving person. He thegoes on to say that man is spiritually weak “marks of weakness, marksof woe”, and that people are saddened at having to live in the city.

He than goes on in the second stanza by saying that children see theway Blake does “in every infants cry of fear”, and that they have notyet accepted that they have no choice but to live in London. Hestresses this by later saying “The mind-forg’d manacles I hear”, bysaying that man has imprisoned himself in the town and that theybelieve that there is no way in which they can leave.

In the third stanza he stresses that people do not want to be inLondon by giving reasons. He states that the Chimney-sweeper is underattack from soot. He continues to say that the Church is appalled, andruined, and is probably saying that the church has turned black due tothe amount of pollution in London’s air. He continues and states thata soldier on patrol sighs with unhappiness.

In the fourth stanza he says that in London there are prostitutes”Harlot” and is probably referring to way that she repulses God


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