Biography of Rudyard Kipling Essay

Biography of Rudyard Kipling

1865 – Kipling is born in Bombay, India.

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1871 – Kipling and his younger sister Alice are separated from their parents and sent toEngland to be educated.

1878 – Kipling enters public school in North Devon.

1882 – Kipling ends his formal education and returns to India to become a traineejournalist.1886 – Publication of Departmental Ditties. Kipling begins to make a name for himself asa young writer of some repute.

1887 – Soldiers Three, In Black and White, The Phantom Rickshaw, Wee Willie Winkle, TheStory of the Gadsbys, and the stories later collected in The SmithAdministration, The City of Dreadful Night, and Letters of Marque, were allwritten and published.

1889 – Kipling returns to London and embarks upon a decade of rising fame and extremeproductivity. Kim, The Jungle Book, Stalky and Co., Captain’s Courageous , TheSeven Seas and The Days Work are all published to great success.

1891- Marries Caroline Balestrier and emigrates to the USA

1899 – Death of first born child, Josephine, in New York.

1900 – Begins sojourn in South Africa. Becomes leading proponent of the Boer War.

1908 – Greatly disillusioned by the Liberal governments policy in South Africa, Kiplingreturns to England.

1914 – World War one begins. Kipling believes his long-held suspicion of the Germans hasbeen justified. He once more becomes an enthusiastic proponent of the British wareffort.

1915 – Kipling’s 18 year old son John disappears in battle. Kipling never reallyrecovers from the loss. Kipling is diagnosed with the ailments that would laterkill him.


…nsued when John Kipling disappeared in action only a month after his arrival.

Kipling saw the subsequent settlement at Versailles as another betrayal, mocking the sacrifices of the fallen allies.

For his remaining two decades, he endured constant pain and discomfort from a series of misdiagnosed stomach ailments. In his autobiography Something of Myself (1935) , Kipling makes no mention of his years of suffering, just as he also avoids mention of the other tragedies in his life. He continued to write, and to develop his art, right up until the end of his life. He died in January 1936.

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