Analysis of the Consequences of the Disobedience to the Great God/Gods in Paradise Lost and “Pandora’s box”

In John Milton’s Paradise Lost, Milton narrates the story of Adam and Eve, but on a deeper level, figuring out the motives, feelings, and emotions of each character while also introducing the story of Satan/Lucifer and all of his complexities. At the same time Milton gives the story a twist when he relates how sin and death is brought into the human world. Greek Mythology gives a similar anecdote which compares with John Milton’s story very much: the story of Pandora and Epimetheus. “Pandora’s Box” also relates the story of how evil sprits came upon the world thorough Pandora’s disobedience. Pandora and Epimetheus mythogical narrative and John Milton’s timeless interpretation of Adam and Eve mirror each other in many ways while also contrasting in various aspects in differnt themes.In Paradise Lost, the protangonist Lucifer rebels against his creator. The initiation of rebelling starts when God anounces, that he will be appointing his son to rule over all the angles. Lucifer belives that they should be honor and praise as well so he rebels angast God, knowing he might lose his place in Heaven. In Book one “better to reign in hell,than seve in heav’n” (Milton I. 263).Formerly one of God’s most glorious creations, Satan, dicideds if he is not going to get praised in heaven he prefers to be sent to hell. Inoder for him to regin in hell, he has to scafice his place in heaven. Satan’s resentful behavior and free will, one of God’s greatest gift, Satan id the first of all God’s creation to disobey God, “sufficient to have stood, but free to fall.” (Milton III 99), Satan and all his follwers are cast down from heaven into the lake of fire. It all starts in the doors of hell, where Satan and all of the fallen angles are catching up fro…

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