Analysis of Genghis Khan by Jack Weatherferd Essay

Genghis KhanIn the book Genghis khan and the making of the modern world, Jack Weatherford allows us to see the conquest of the world by the Mongols. He starts us from before Temujin was ever born. He introduces us to many of the Mongols great achievements, like the conquest of china.The Mongols, during their conquest of the world, shaped it. As they conquered new lands, he moved around people that he didn’t want to stay there. He moved the most educated to different areas of the world in order for them to run his administration.According to Jack Weatherford, the Mongols played a big part in shaping the modern world. By spreading around the educated people, you allow them to spread their knowledge to other parts of the known world.The Mongols used many inventions that they discovered on their conquests and spread them throughout the known world. In China they discovered Gunpowder and Paper. They took the gunpowder to the western parts of the world and used it when conquering other cities and nations.In this book Weatherford presents an extremely biased view of the Mongols. He only talks about the wonderful things that the Mongols did, as well as their victories. His presentation only makes the Mongols sound immaculate. To other nations, he might sound as if he were terrifying, therefore making his immaculate picture a biased view.Jack Weatherford is an expert on the Mongols, rendering any opinion that I could form against it inane. His detailed account from his giant list of sources shows that he is also well researched. It would be simpleminded of me to challenge his superiority on this subject. However, because of his biased opinion it is hard to say how much of what he thinks about their changing the modern world…

…s the fact that 0.5 percent of people can claim decent from the Genghis Khan himself, that’s thirty five million people around the world. However, one could argue that his most important legacy was the fact that he spread around the intellectuals.The spread of intellectuals stimulated a new age of intellectual ideas and warfare. The Mongols learned from the many people that they conquered and relocated. This would leave a lasting effect of the world and would never cease to show us today in the modern world.The Mongols were some of the most influential people of all time, according to Jack Weatherford. They changed modern warfare, and changed how we structure our army. The Mongols, however, will still always be viewed as ruthless killers due to the fact that they destroyed everyone that did not immediately surrender to them. The Mongols made the modern world.

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