A Wonderful Girl with a Wonderful Heart Essay

Anne Frank was an innocent Jew that lived with her family in Germany, the moved to the Netherlands during the Holocaust after Hitler came into power. She was forced to live in a secret annex with her family, the Van Pels, and Mr. Pfeiffer. As she went into “hiding”, she brought her diary that she wrote in very often. Even in her not-so-great conditions, Anne maintained a positive attitude throughout everything. Unfortunately, after 2 years pf hiding in the annex, Anne and her family were caught and they were all sent to a concentration camp. One of the last quotes in Anne’s diary stated, “Despite everything, I believe that all people are really good at heart,” and I do agree that everyone is good at heart.

I agree with Anne’s statement because some people will risk anything they have in safety of the ones they care about. In the movie, Anne Frank, right before the Franks went into hiding, Margot, Anne’s older sister, was enrolled into a concentration camp. Mr. Frank heard the news and then went to his co-worker, Miep. He asked if Miep could help to hide the family right above the workplace. She immediately agreed to help the Franks and she continued to bring them food and other needs for about 2 years. Miep risked a lot by breaking the law and hiding Jews with her but she did that because she cared for the family and their safety. Miep is truly good at heart. Also in Anne Frank, Hannah, one of Anne’s best friends, was found outside of the concentration camp Anne was in. Hannah had helped Anne by throwing a little sack of food over the fence for her. She would try to do it as often as she could without getting caught because she cared for Anne and wanted to help her. Anne was so grateful she had a friend like Hannah and she ris…

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…ke the time he could to spend with his family but he is still good at heart.

I believe that the people who show generosity every day to everyone and the people who make mistakes and feel guilt are both good at heart. It may be hard to constantly be nice to everyone around you and you will mess up and have regrets. It’s life. But I just admire a little girl who was the only one to realize that, despite everything, all people are really good at heart.


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