A Problem to Be Adressed in Ireland in A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

The English writer, Jonathin Swift, writes about the economic prblems of Ireland and solutions in his satirical piece, A Modest Proposal. Swift wrote this to make everyone aware that there is a problem to be addressed in Ireland and that is it’s high poverty rate. Swift has done this by adopting a sarcastic tone in the beginning to captivate the reader until he can properly convey the true meaning behind his text.

The issue of Ireland is it’s problem with poverty so he sets out to fix this. It is time for the English government to step in and help Ireland become stable again. Swift tries to accomplish this by writing a satirical piece on this subject to make people aware of this struggle that the Irish are going through. Swift is an English writer with some Irish roots so he may be biased but gets it’s point across to the people of England. He tries to accomplish this by writing about a solution that is so crazy, he’ll grab the attention of his readers. His argument for a solution to Irish poverty, is to sell the children as food and keep a few to establish the next generation. The Irish have an overabundance of homeless children so he sets out to kill two birds with one stone. He presents this argument with a very formal and informative tone which he gives out statistics on how this would be beneficial to the Irish economy. He assumes though that everyone will readily abandon their morals and start killing babies as well as eat them for dinner. His use of appeals helps him as he explains his solution to the Irish problems.

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Throughout the text his use of logos is most prominent followed closely by pathos, but he uses little ethos. His use of ethos is the less apparent appeal that he uses in A Modest Proposal because this is sat…

…this is a satirical piece. Any counterarguments would be pretty much addressed by Swift with even more satire if such proposals were presented. Otherwise he does not argue at all with opposing views so those counterarguments are open for discussion but should not be taken seriously at all.

While in a logical sense it is very strong, it is against all of our moral code. It is very weak though in pathos because it makes us disgusted at his supposed proposal. From the logos appeals used in it, like the statistics and computations that are made, it is a sound plan that may actually work. Fortunately, no one in their right mind would take this proposal seriously because it is so sick and twisted. So, A Modest Proposal by Jonathin Swift, is a satirical piece that was written to just make people aware of the problems in Ireland, but not be taken as a serious suggestion.


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