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It's time to 'Spring forward'

10 March 2018, 01:38 | Colleen Roy

Women’s group gets in gear to celebrate with a special Portsmouth bike ride

Members of the Portsmouth Women's Learn to Ride group

Well, once again, we're about to fall for it: On Saturday night (or maybe Sunday morning), we will go through our households and advance every clock (and every electronic device with a clock) by one hour.

Previous studies have also shown that the disruption of the circadian clock due to other reasons, like rotating shift work and sleep fragmentation, are associated with an increased risk of stroke.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is common among almost all the states in the country, although not all states use it. Well, this is why you set your clocks back an hour in the fall.

Cyberloafing: On the Monday after shifting to daylight saving time, employees spend more time than normal surfing the web for content unrelated to their work, according to a Penn State study. Experts say sleep deprivation is to blame.

Next: DST does more than just change the sunrise and sunset.

These studies are only the tip of the iceberg, with adverse effect of the time change ranging from student test scores to stock market returns. Or, changing it so it stays all year round. But the reaction to dark mornings was negative, especially from Florida, where Gov. Reubin Askew cited an increase in accidents that injured or killed children on their way to school. "Who is the one that says don't do this?"

Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday. Do you feel it is worth the effort because you cherish the extra daylight in the evenings?

The Science of What's Happening in Your Body. The next day we presented them with scenarios that contained varying levels of moral content. So, when the retinas in our eyes sense light, either sunlight or artificial lights, they send signals to the pineal gland to stop the production of melatonin. Farmers already made the most of the daylight, waking up early to get ahead and bring food to market.

It doesn't-the time change is man-made.

I will be in a stupor, for the most part, until November, when I must set my clocks back one hour - at which time I will officially resume my perpetual confusion about what the heck time it is. For example, on the shortest day of 2017, the winter solstice of the northern hemisphere on December 21, sunrise was at 7:04 a.m. and sunset was at 5:34 p.m.

Fort Nelson and Creston stay on Mountain Standard Time year-round and do not change their clocks. Sleep deprivation causes the hunger hormone ghrelin to surge and makes us ravenous. Our immune system recharges, rejuvenates, and reboots while we are asleep. This low may develop far enough offshore to spare the East Coast of any direct impacts, and most of the computer models are showing the storm remaining offshore or not even developing it.

Before the event occurs, Goldstein recommends going to bed and rising 15 minutes earlier than you normally would. Having to do so twice a year is a complete waste of one's time.

The worst weekend of the year is here once more.

Let's say you did your best to prepare your family for the loss of sleep, and none of the strategies worked.

"I'd make it the whole country", the Sarasota Republican told The Florida Times-Union. It takes our body approximately 5-7 hours to clear half of the caffeine that is consumed, and 8-10 hours to clear seventy-five percent.

Hit the snooze button on bedtime if you have to. And, too, nicotine-contained in cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, is also a stimulant. As we move toward that possibility, we may find it easier to save lives and money rather than chase the daylight. "It's hard on our bodies to adjust to a different routine and a different sleep schedule".

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