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Egypt unveils four,400-year-old tomb of historical priestess

06 February 2018, 02:22 | Colleen Roy

Egypt unveils four,400-year-old tomb of historical priestess

4400 year-old tomb of top pharaoh official discovered in Egypt

The tomb, which dates to about 2,400 B.C., was unearthed during excavations near the Great Pyramid of Giza, not far from Cairo, the BBC reported.

Hetpet was a high-ranking female official and daughter to the goddess of fertility - Hathor, who assisted women in childbirth in ancient Egypt.

The tomb has wall paintings depicting "Hetpet" standing in different hunting and fishing scenes or sitting before a large table receiving offerings from her children.

On the walls of the tomb, there are depicted musical and dancing scenes, and also two monkeys, which were the favorite domestic animals of that epoch. Now, the Egypt Antiquities Ministry has reveal another find - the 4300-year-old tomb of a powerful woman by the name of "Hetpet". Similar scenes have been found in other tombs belonging to the later 12th dynasty, according to the antiquities ministry's statement.

In an attempt to revive the country's ailing tourism sector, Egypt is keen to uncover the Pharaohs' archaeological secrets as well as other ancient sites buried underneath the country. Egypt is facing serious tourism downfall but discoveries like this and more can gain tourism which will generate revenue.

"This is a very promising area". "We have removed between 250-300 cubic metres of layers of earth to find the tomb".

"What we see above the earth's surface in Egypt doesn't exceed 40 percent of what the core holds", Al-Waziri told The Associated Press. Egyptian Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani announced the discovery Saturday.

Waziri said her main tomb is believed to be in the same area as the new discovery. "This is the first archeological discovery in 2018 but it will not be the last, it is expected that we will announce a new archeological discovery in the upcoming few weeks", recounted Anany.

The tomb "has the architectural style and the decorative elements of the Fifth Dynasty, with an entrance leading to an "L" shaped shrine", the ministry said.

The country hopes these findings will help draw more tourists.

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