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Amtrak's Silver Star Derailed in SC

05 February 2018, 06:12 | Colleen Roy

Amtrak's Silver Star Derailed in SC

In this image from video train cars are smashed and derailed Sunday Feb. 4 2018 near Cayce. S.C. The crash left multiple people dead and dozens of people injured

According to Amtrak's schedule, the train that collided with a freight train in SC made stops at stations in Raleigh, in Cary, and Southern Pines before the crash and derailment.

In recent years, Amtrak has had an average of two derailments a month. There were 139 passengers and 8 crew aboard the Amtrak train when it collided with the freight at around 2:35 a.m. Sunday morning near Cayce, South Carolina, officials said. "We wanted to get them out of the cold, get them out of the weather".

Numerous passengers were asleep. His seat then broke loose, slamming him into the row of seats in front of him. "Other countries that have developed passenger routes it doesn't happen as often". He said his head was spinning and everything happened so fast.

Governor McMaster said that "it appears the Amtrak was on the wrong track" and the unmanned goods train "was on the track it was supposed to be on".

The NTSB has said PTC was not yet functional on the locomotive.

It's next stops were Southern Pines and Hamlet before heading into SC.

"That's what it's created to do", he said, referring to technology that regulators have been pressing for for decades with mixed success. Officials had initially said 70 people with injuries were transported to hospitals for treatment, but later adjusted the figure.

At least three patients were hospitalized in critical or serious condition, with almost all the rest treated for minor injuries such as cuts, bruises and whiplash, authorities said.

Derek Pettaway was a passenger in one of the train's rear cars, headed for Orlando, he told CNN on Sunday morning.

"It's a terrible thing to see, to understand the force involved", the governor said after touring the scene. She described the scene as chaotic when the trains collided.

Smith and his friend walked to the crash site and saw passengers of all ages beginning to exit the train.

Lexington County coroner, Margaret Fisher, confirmed that the two people killed were travelling on the Amtrak train. Police report that the CSX freight was unoccupied at the time of the high-speed crash.

The accident comes days after another Amtrak train carrying several dozen Republican lawmakers including US House Speaker Paul Ryan collided with a garbage truck in Virginia, killing one person and causing six others, including a congressman, to need hospital treatment. Amtrak has set up a hotline where family can get information about people involved: 1-800-523-9101. It was going almost 80 miles per hour, more than twice the speed limit. Two Amtrak employees were the fatalities, Amtrak said. The deadline for installing such equipment is now the end of 2018. It shows that the last three cars were relatively unscathed by the crash.

"CSX hosts more passenger trains on its network than any other major railroad in the United States, and passenger rail remains one of the safest ways to travel".

In the statement Amtrak said, "CSX controls the dispatching of all trains, including directing the signal systems which control the access to sidings and yards". That is, this was a loading track or a sidetrack... where the collision took place.

At least four of the freight train's cars were crumpled, looking like crushed tinfoil, but remained on the tracks.

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