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Ex-BBC Scotland journalist 'paid less than male colleagues'

01 February 2018, 12:53 | Ruby West

Carrie Gracie resigned as China editor because she was paid less than her male counterparts Dominic Lipinski PA

Carrie Gracie resigned as China editor because she was paid less than her male counterparts

The BBC said that where there are more than 20 people in a job, staff will also be able to see where everyone else is positioned and it will do more to explain the pay of each presenter paid over £150,000 (US$210,000), especially where they do more than one role.

"Two men with no broadcasting experience who had also been given trial shifts presenting the programme during the search for a new presenter were paid 25% more per programme".

They claim they discovered a pay gap, where the existing male presenter was earning 50% more than them per programme, but when they asked for equal pay were reportedly denied.

Some presenters told the committee that they were offered rises shortly before the BBC published its list of high earners.

The BBC unveiled the pay cap just one day before lawmakers are scheduled to question the head of the corporation about the broadcaster's pay culture. "Since raising the issue of equal pay I have been offered £650 which is still a long way short of equal pay".

He added: "Today's report does not find evidence of gender bias in decision-making, but it shows that we have real and important issues to tackle, particularly in some areas of news and current affairs, and I'm determined to get it right".

"The BBC has chosen who to compare with whom, and what factors justify any gaps in pay". But alongside it is yet another partial (so that the whole picture is obscured) pay report that uses terms like "anomalies" and the nearly Orwellian "pay unfairness" to describe cases of unequal pay. Specific plans include narrower pay bands, fewer contracts and allowances, and greater transparency.

The BBC also planned to introduce a new framework to determine on-air staff pay, to mirror what had already been created for the rest of the BBC's staff, and allow everyone to see the pay range for nearly every job at the BBC.

The move to ensure 50-50 gender representation on screen and radio will also be accelerated, with changes to the on-air lineup introduced at a faster rate.

The BBC published a five-point plan to help "create a fairer and more equal" organisation, carried out in association with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). We're addressing unfairness in individuals' pay and want to close the gender pay gap and have women in half of our on-air roles by 2020.

She added that pay discrepancies may be present across the industry in different forms.

Unions and law firms are leading separate claims on behalf of BBC employees who have grievances over pay.

The broadcaster's China editor, Carrie Gracie, recently [resigned in protest](http://BBC China editor quits post in protest at unequal pay) at pay inequality, while a report by a group representing women at the BBC said they have faced "veiled threats" while trying to raise the subject of pay.

Grace, who was making about 135,000 pounds, is returning to the BBC's London office and, according to the news organization, wants to be "paid equally".

The group provided 14 examples of women who described frustrating battles with managers over pay discrimination.

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