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Files Go App Being Tested on Android

11 November 2017, 01:02 | Ricardo Garza

The camera is too good not to talk about how crazy it makes you

The camera is too good not to talk about how crazy it makes you

Right now Files Go is in early beta and it crashed a few times on our Google Pixel, so it's definitely not stable just yet. The main UI shows an overview of the storage situation on the phone. For those of you with 128GB phones, this may not be something you care about, but if you have a phone like the Moto X4 pictured above, this is exactly the type of app that could come in handy.

The Files Go app will also list every app on your Android device that you are not using.

The app basically aims to create larger free space on your phone by deleting span and files that you don't need. It will tell you Documents, Videos, Images, Downloads, and Received Files.

The search engine giant is now testing the app and is available for some users to download it from the Play Store. There are some slight lag with certain animations on occasions but we expect Google to get it fixed once this app is out to all the users. The app also includes options to clear app caches, delete apps that aren't used often and remove spam or duplicate images, says the site.

Another cool thing about the Files Go app is that it will allow you to transfer files wirelessly.

Google has always been spot on with the User Interface and Files Go won't disappoint you even though it is in the development stage, at the moment. The app was being tested as a pilot app on some Android devices a while back as part of the Early Access Program. To send a file, the user needs to ask the friend to open the app and tap on a Receive button.

Inside the Settings menu, Files Go can notify you when your device is nearly full (Low Storage).

One major feature of the app is the file transfer, which uses Bluetooth connectivity. It will compile the list from the last month of apps that you have used and not used.

The APK file of the Files Go app is around 5.41MB in size, lower than the size of the Shareit and Xender installation packages.

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