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Research Shows Cannabis Users Have More Sex

28 October 2017, 01:03 | Violet Powell

Regular marijuana use linked to more sex

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This, Eisenberg said, suggests that marijuana's positive correlation with sexual activity doesn't merely reflect some general tendency of less-inhibited types, who may be more inclined to use drugs, to also be more likely to have sex.

However, the new study, carried out by the Stanford University School of Medicine has found that, on the contrary cannabis users have 20 percent more sex than non-users - and there appears to be a causal connection. That means that routine cannabis use could add up to 20 more sexual encounters per year, said Eisenberg.

Researchers examined the lifestyles of more than 50,000 American men and women between the ages of 25 and 45.

Women who did not use cannabis within the past year reported that they had sex six times, on average, over the previous four weeks. Among men, those who didn't smoke pot had sex 5.6 times in four weeks, while those who smoked daily had sex 6.9 times.

"The overall trend we saw applied to people of both sexes and all races, ages, education levels, income groups and religions, every health status, whether they were married or single and whether or not they had kids".

The study, published October 27 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, comes at a time when more than 20 million adult Americans consume marijuana, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. However, with marijuana becoming legal in a growing number of states, Eisenberg thought it'd be worth exploring. "We don't want people to smoke to improve sexual function, but it probably doesn't hurt things", says Eisenberg.

Tobacco companies put a lot of effort into giving cigarettes sex appeal, but the more sensual smoke might actually belong to marijuana.

According to the findings of a recent study, people who use cannabis on a regular basis end to have more sex.

On one hand, there are reports of erectile dysfunction in heavy users and some studies have found reduced sperm counts in men who smoke.

That said, research shows that the average couple has sex roughly once a week.

But animal studies have shown that stimulating the brain's cannabinoid receptors can lead to increased arousal and sexual behavior, Eisenberg said. It contains explicit questions about intercourse with a member of the opposite sex in the past four weeks, as well as the frequency of smoking marijuana in the previous 12 months.

Furthermore, the link could still be seen even after accounting for the participant's use of other drugs. "It's possible it makes men or women more interested in sex", Eisenberg says.

Palamar authored a small study comparing the sexual experience of people who are under the influence of alcohol versus marijuana. Answers from around 28,000 women and 23,000 men were considered for their study, which was published online today in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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