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Hot water? It's just as good if you wash in cold

03 June 2017, 02:07 | Violet Powell

GETTY- STOCK IMAGEWater at a cool 15c or 60F was as good as water at 37.7C or 100F

GETTY- STOCK IMAGEWater at a cool 15c or 60F was as good as water at 37.7C or 100F

Using water at a temperature ranging from 38C (100F) to 15C (60F), there was no significant difference in the removal of bacteria.

The water temperature debate is nearly as heated (no pun intended) as another hand-washing conundrum: whether it's more hygienic to dry your hands with an air-blower or with a paper towel.

Before the participants washed, their hands were swiped with harmless germs.

A USA study has settled the age-old question of whether washing your hands with cold water is as good at washing them with warm water.

"This is important because the biggest public health need is to increase handwashing or hand sanitizing by foodservice workers and the public before eating, preparing food and after using the restroom", says Jim Arbogast, study co-author and vice president of hygiene sciences and public health advancements for GOJO. Then, they washed using 60-degree, 79-degree or 100-degree water and 0.5 ml, 1 ml or 2 ml of soap.

The amount of soap used did not affect the results, but the researchers believe that more research could be useful to establish the optimal type and amount of soap that reduces bacterial loads.

Hot water is no more effective than cold at getting rid of bacteria, a new study on hand-washing suggests.

The study also found that antibacterial soap is no better than regular soap and just a short rub of the hands made a major difference in the amount of bacteria on them.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends washing your hands using any water temperature for 20 seconds.

In a previous study, Schaffner examined the difference between using a paper towel or airing drying hands. Each of the volunteers washed their hands 20 times over a 6-month period.

In the UK, NHS experts say people can use cold or hot water to wash their hands.

These findings are significant for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which issues guidelines to states once in every four years.

Scrub all surfaces of the hands. It is important to wash one's hands for at least 10 seconds, though, and make sure lather from the soap that is used gets thoroughly washed off. The researchers from Rutgers University published their findings in the Journal of Food Protection. "But for the time being, I don't see the recommendations changing but I'm hoping that this study will lead to more in-depth stories that can give us even stronger evidence that could lead us to changing our current recommendations". "We are wasting energy to heat water to a level that is not necessary".

Antibacterial soap was more effective than ordinary soap, the study finds.

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