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Sea lion girl doing 'OK'

25 May 2017, 01:56 | Lowell Little

After Viral Video, Experts Say Don't Feed Sea Lions

Sea lion drags girl into Steveston waters

Families are undeterred by the young girl's terrifying experience, and were spotted leaning over the dock's edge to get a better view of the animal.

"This is a thousand-pound wild animal".

He added that while he hoped the girl was OK, he believed the family were not "wise".

Lau says he finally spoke out to defend the family's actions - but did concede the tot got too close to the animal.

The viral video garnered worldwide headlines, with the likes of news anchor Stephen Colbert reporting on the incident at the 2:25 mark.

They complained that he did not thank the members of the public who helped him out of the water.

"I wanted.to make sure that she was a little bit smarter than other people have been in the past so that that would not happen to her", Dramisino said during a visit to Steveston Harbour in Richmond.

"If he had a one- or two-second doubt about that, my girl could have been gone by then", Lau was quoted as saying. God, I didn't miss out anyone from my family at that moment, ' he said.

The girl's grandfather immediately leaped into the water fully clothed and rescued the girl.

The sea lion appears to have been drawn to the dock on Saturday by adults who were reportedly throwing bread crumbs into the water.

Seal finger infections are caused by different kinds of Mycoplasma bacteria, which live in the mouths of sea mammals like seals and sea lions, according to a 2009 published case report.

Andrew Trites, director of the University of British Columbia's Marine Mammal Research Unit, also suggested to CBC that the sea lion wasn't to blame and that the animal may have mistaken the girl's dress for food. Do not get close to the animal and keep children away. Based on research, sea lions are known for their curiosity. The creatures are not usually known to be aggressive to humans, although attacks have been reported in the past.

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