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What time is Twin Peaks on TV in the UK?

22 May 2017, 03:24 | Lowell Little

Craig Reucassel in a scene from the TV series War on Waste. ABC

Craig Reucassel in a scene from the TV series War on Waste

True to his Lynchian desire to test the viewer, Lynch, Showtime (which owns the new series) and Stan (which is broadcasting the series in Australia) have kept the new episodes totally under wraps to ensure that the entire world experiences the show simultaneously. If you plan to watch and are as spoiler-phobic as Lynch, however, better stop reading.

What we do know is it's set 25 years after the original and that filmmaker David Lynch has directed all 18 episodes. They were also possessed with an ironic self-consciousness that winked at itself and its legacy.

Twin Peaks wasn't on air for long - it began in 1990 and was axed in 1991 - but it was the TV drama that broke the mould. "The start of the new run is more of a what-is-it?" "It's a bumpin" hangout for those damn millennial hipsters and their nostalgic Gen X parents.

Yet the dark woods rustled anew with unresolved mystery like a dreamer disturbed by a recurring nightmare. Well, we spent a couple minutes watching Dr. Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn) as he received some shovels.

And then there was the Log Lady.

And it was happening everywhere, all at once. "However, I think all creators take inspiration from numerous things we encounter day to day, so although it's impossible to say I was not influenced at all by David Lynch, I can tell you that the creative activity that went into this game was not especially influenced by any single work".

Those first fragments of story - the glass box, the overwhelming sense that something bad is coming, a warning from the Log Lady that something is missing, and a grisly murder - may seem individually meaningless but they are like the strewn pieces of a jigsaw puzzle; they are slowly moving towards each other.

"It's too soon, ultimately, to conclude whether "Twin Peaks" will justify the investment or, like many a revival, should have stayed in limbo", Brian Lowry of CNN said. What we do know is that Kyle MacLachlan returns as FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper - complete with his love coffee, cherry pie, and possibly with his cassette recorder for his messages to "Diane". Why is the brain on a tree talking to Cooper? But I don't think David Lynch and Mark Frost would do it if they thought they couldn't.

There's been endless talk of all the shows the original inspired. Their hate-spewing jail-cell kiss-off - both actors shot in intimate close-up, nose to nose, vibrating with emotional intensity - was simultaneously over-the-top silly and intensely raw.

Not that, one suspects, Lynch really cares. He turned to vapor and the spectral remains of his head floated away like a balloon.

When we left this mighty family with the boundaries of Twin Peaks Ben was attempting to fix past crimes and to bring his daughter finally into the business to prepare her for the future.

One such devil had turned South Dakota into his hunting ground. Has Bob taken over Cooper's body?

There are many more games that owe a large part of their success to the zeitgeist Twin Peaks has greatly influenced: Virginia, Silent Hill 2, the recent Thimbleweed Park and even The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (the owls are not what they seem), to name a few. It turns out he's still trapped in the Black Lodge, with his doppelganger (presumably possessed by BOB) out in the world doing awful things.

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